• Teachers discuss the chemical composition of food items.
  • This Fighting with Food project activity explores how antioxidants prevent browning in apples.
  • This Fighting with Food project activity investigates antioxidant-rich foods, such as purple cabbage, that are acid base indicators.
  • Testing the antioxidant content of a serial dilution of orange drink.
  • CCE Director Susan Hershberger demonstrates the structure of a PCB molecule.
  • CCE's Fighting with Food project focuses on how nutrient rich foods can combat the effects of environmental toxicants.

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  • During a taste evaluation in a Fighting with Food course, not everyone's opinion is the same.
  • A sample of plumber's tape is tested for flammability.
  • Extracts from antioxidant-rich berries change color when acids or bases are added.
  • Does that new juice drink really contain as much calcium as the label says? A titration can find out.
  • A lightbulb and battery is used to test the conductivity of pure metals and metal compounds.